About Us

Success Through Great Products, Education, Honesty and Service Integrity



Purologix is striving to change the perception of what a residential water treatment company is all about, and to help the environment by promoting safer more efficient technologies like our bottleless water coolers. Every water filtration system that we design, build and install is customized to address specific water problems unique to that customer's water quality needs. We always try to guide our customers to make decisions based on the lowest cost of ownership, not simply the cheapest initial cost. 


We have a team of water quality experts with over 20 years experience at the municipal, industrial and high purity levels. Our team includes a WQA Certified Water Specialist with a degree in Biochemistry and members with significant experience and expertise in reverse osmosis (RO), demineralization (DI), advanced filtration and disinfection.



Cristine Elmore – M.S.

President of Purologix since 2006, Cristine has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology which helps her run the Purologix team. While crazy at times, they keep her updated on all of the latest technology in residential, commercial and industrial water treatment. She is the principal commercial contact and is also responsible for meeting the water treatment, billing and service needs of each new and existing client. Outside of work, Cristine enjoys gardening, reading and spending time with her family.

Tim Buchanan – Lead Technician

Tim is an Experienced Field Service Manager who has been with Purologix since 2007. In his many years with the company, Tim has used his skills as an Eagle Scout to meet or exceed all expectations and challenges. His experience at Purologix has allowed him to develop a solid understanding of all local water issues and how to best treat each unique situation. Tim’s communication, attitude and attention to detail have helped to make Purologix the top rated water company in the Triangle. When not working, he enjoys his family, paintball, video games and tinkering with anything electrical or mechanical.

Will Howard – Operations

Will joined the team in May of 2008 and we haven’t looked back since his arrival. His uncanny ability to organize has proven to make him a great office manager. From graphic designing advertisements and cut-sheets to keeping serviced running smoothly, Will handles it all with the same calm look on his face no matter what is thrown at him. When not working, he enjoys spending time with his nephews, niece and his dog, or teaching martial arts.