At Your Office

Clean Drinking Water Without the Heavy Lifting and Doubts



Our bottleless water coolers and water treatment technologies keep the water in your office safe, fresh, hassle-free and the coolers are self-cleaning too! We provide 3-stage advanced filtration and 4-stage PURIFICATION for those who want the highest quality drinking water. Our technology is the most advanced and reliable in the industry giving you peace-of-mind and security.


Drink the Freshest Water on the Planet


Eliminate the hassles and hazards of bottled water and start enjoying fresh, purified water on-demand versus taking chances on the quality and freshness of water stored in a bottle.


Activated Oxygen Injection = Freshness Inside!

Our exclusive disinfection process eliminates microbiological contamination, oxygenates the water and delivers Freshness You Can Taste - glass after glass.


Pure-Touch Dispense

Advances in ergonomic design deliver a convenient dispense height for adults while protecting children from accidental dispense. We also provide room for larger sport bottles while keeping user’s hands away from the dispensing nozzle promoting hygiene.


ATS-Auto Tank Sanitization

Self-cleaning feature that eliminates microbiological contamination, and does away with the tedious and often overlooked task of sanitizing the holding tank, thus improving the quality and safety of the drinking water.


Microprocessor Control

Provides a level of performance and programmability never before seen in a point-of-use drinking water system. Settings are conveniently programmed from the control panel which also gives immediate system performance feedback to the end-user, including an indication for filter change.