Bottleless Water Coolers


Purologix's state-of-the-art bottleless coolers deliver better-than-bottled water while eliminating the hassles and hazards of bulky 43 lb. bottles. You’ll never have to lift another 43 lb. bottle, mop up another spill, find an empty cooler or worry about deliveries, wasted space, or contaminated water ever again. You can simply enjoy glass after glass of pure, cold, oxygenated drinking water.


Our bottleless water coolers use the same process as the most sophisticated bottled water purification plants in the world today. Both use a multi-stage process to transform regular tap water into ultra-pure drinking water.


  • The first stage is a 10 micron pre-filter that removes particulates such as dirt, rust, and silt.
  • The second stage is a carbon block that removes toxic chemicals such as pesticides, solvents, and chlorine.
  • The third stage is an ultra-fine reverse osmosis membrane. This thin film composite membrane is so fine that it strips the water molecules of all contaminants, even those that have been dissolved in the water, like heavy metals such as lead, allowing only pure water to pass through.
  • The water then passes through an additional carbon block filter for a final polish.
  • To eliminate bacteria and re-oxygenate the water, activated oxygen (or ozone) is injected into the water on a routine schedule to keep the system clean..
  • This activated oxygen is thousands of times faster than chlorine at destroying bacteria. You are left with nothing but pure, oxygenated drinking water.


The combination of this filtration process with microprocessor control and patented Automatic Tank Sanitization system makes pure oxygenated drinking water available to you at the touch of a button.


Purologix's line of Bottleless Water Coolers