We appreciate your service throughout the various phases of our construction project and new facility commissioning. Your point-of-use systems were a huge space saver in the construction trailers, and did a great job for our start-up team. As a pharmaceutical company, your reverse osmosis and ozone technology was a perfect fit for our new facility. With both technologies inside your coolers, your systems will provide microbiologically safe and purified drinking water for all of our employees. Your superior process and certifications set you apart from your competition, and your service has been great. We love the sleek look of your point-of-use systems, a perfect match for our modern decor. We look forward to a long relationship with your company.

  • Carlos A. 
  • Pharmaceutical Company, RTP, NC 

I am providing this referral after my experience with your company. As an international manufacturer, we are in a very competitive market. Our plant is getting older and the water fountains were no longer satisfying our workers. Bottled water quickly got out of control, but staying hydrated in a warm manufacturing environment was essential. After interviewing three service companies for this work, I picked Purologix for your superior technology. One company who does our coffee service provided a basic filter, and another water company provided a filter and UV bulb. As ex-military, I have been trained on waterborne pathogens, and I understand the risk of bacterial contamination after chlorine is removed. Neither of these technologies offered any real protection. Your self-cleaning system was unique, and it provided me with piece of mind that the water would be clean and bacteria free. You also had many more certifications on your equipment than your competitors, including UL, CE, TUV, NSF, and ISO. As an OEM ourselves, we could not overlook this important difference. Your price match guarantee made it easy to go with Purologix and we have been happy ever since.

  • Shawn P. 
  • Manufacturing Facility, Raleigh, NC 

We wanted to thank you for introducing us to your point-of-use technology. As a high security facility, our bottled water provider had clearance to the receiving area only. We had an entire rack dedicated to bottled water storage, and one of our staff members had the assignment of delivering individual bottles and stocking the 15 bottled water coolers throughout our facility.

  • John B. 
  • High Tech Facility, Morrisville, NC