Improved water quality at a lower cost. It is not an unattainable dream, but a reality if you trade in your old system for Purologix's water systems. Our new UHE PurMax (Ultra-High Efficiency 5-Stage) system has been designed to conserve one of our most precious resources…water. The new UHE PurMax uses our field proven LogIX technology to produce Ultra-Pure DI water at half the cost of traditional DI exchange tank systems. 



PurMin Dental System

With the Purologix Purmin DI Water Filtration System, never worry about the water in your office again! Tap water is converted into the pure water needed for your autoclave and recommended for your irrigation equipment.


PurMax Dental System

The PurMax Dental System is a centralized Ultra-High Efficiency 5-Stage System. Designed to feed Type 1 Water to the operatories of a dental office. Ask a Purologix Representative about a PurMax Site Evaluation for your office!