Radon Removal for Well Water

For nearly 20 years, the AIRaider 433 has successfully and dependably removed radon and VOCs from well water through a unique, patented multi-stage aeration method. It sets the standard by which other water aeration equipment is measured.  For more information, please click here.

Insta Cold Under the Sink System

The Insta-Cold package give you chilled drinking water; is compatible with reverse osmosis systems and fits under the sink.

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Insta Hot Under the Sink System

The Insta-Hot package gives you instant hot water and the security of flood prevention. It fits under the sink and is compatible with reverse osmosis systems.  For more information, click here.

Hellenbrand Water System

Achieve Aqualibrium.

Hellenbrand treated water is in perfect balance and harmony with our lives, our homes, and the environment.  It is water the way nature intended, free of unwanted minerals.

Our ProMate 6 Iron Curtain Jr. Storm does just that, uses nature's way of cleaning our environment to clean your water.  With the latest technology, we are using ozone to clean your water of contaminants.  Removing unwanted minerals and providing you with odor and stain free water.

With over 200 years of combined experience in the water conditioning industry, Hellenbrand is the first family of water treatment.


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Residential Reverse Osmosis

Hague Reverse Osmosis System has the capability of removing almost all contaminants in water, even the hard to remove Arsenic. This model has a permeate pump that helps to keep over exces-sive pressure off of the membrane filter, thus helping the filter life of the unit. This unit saves you, the home owner, from expensive filter re-placements down the road. This model has a 25 year limited warranty.

Whole House Water Systems

Hague WaterMax® is a patented, comprehensive water conditioning system; truly the right water conditioner for our age of conservation - the world's most efficient water treatment system. It can be built in over 80 different configurations to solve any water problem. It is particularly unique for it's comprehensive 4-stage City Water or Community Well Water process that includes a (1) self-cleaning sediment filter, (2) chlorine, taste, and odor removal filter, (3) a high efficiency packed bed, countercurrent water softener, (4) and a bacteriostat filter.  All WaterMax products enjoy an industry leading twenty five (25) year Manufacturer's Warranty on all systems.