Residential Water Analysis

Water Testing

Purologix can help you meet your compliance monitoring needs by testing your water on site or using EPA compliant laboratories when needed.

We conduct COMPLEMENTARY on-site water testing for pH, TDS, Chlorine, Hardness, Iron, Nitrates, Nitrites, Bacteria, and Hydrogen Sulfide.

Purologix uses third party local and national labs that maintain ongoing Quality Assurance programs for testing samples using EPA protocols.  For new homeowners who have a private well, we recommend a comprehensive WaterCheck analysis.  These comprehensive tests include bacteria, nineteen (19) heavy metals and minerals, six (6) additional inorganic contaminants, five (5) physical characteristics, four (4) Disinfection byproducts including THM and HAA, forty-seven (47) volatile organic chemicals (VOC's), twenty (20) pesticides, herbicides, and PCB's, Nitrate and Nitrite, Radon, Gross Alpha & Beta, Uranium, Radium 226 and 228. hrough our certified laboratory partners, our capabilities are virtually unlimited for testing organic, inorganic, chemical bacteria, metals, volatiles, herbicides, and pesticides.  This test is far more comprehensive than the minimal testing required by your well contractor, the County, and your homebuilder.



Ultraviolet (UV)

Cost effective and low maintenance point of entry treatment for bacteria issues such as coliform and e-coli



Use of oxidation to eliminate bacteria, hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg), iron, and iron related bacteria.



Inexpensive, high capacity filter cartridges available in a variety of standard lengths, media type, and pore size.