Common Water Problems

Some common problems with water include:



Hardness of Water


Unsightly water spots on fixtures, glasses and silverware are also caused by hard water. The hardness creates soap curd which interferes with the cleaning ability of your cleaning products and causes problems such as bath tub ring. Plus, scaling builds up with hard water, and can clog pipes and fixtures.





Iron - Higher concentrations of iron can cause an objectionable taste and rust-colored staining of sinks, commodes, bath tubs, other plumbing fixtures and clothes.


pH - Low pH water (acid water) can cause damage to sinks, faucets, hot water tanks, drainage and supply lines. These problems can cause extensive repair costs or replacement.


Manganese- Also a naturally occurring mineral. Will react witd chlorine bleach to intensify staining. Brownish-black staining in dishwasher & otder plumbing fixtures.





Sulfur - Sulfur causes damage to plumbing and gives off an offensive, "rotten egg" odor.


Chlorine - Chlorine is found to be objectionable in drinking and bathing water. Chlorine that mixes with organics in water, forms trihalomethanes (THM's). THM's are reportedly cancer-causing agents.