Process Water



Deionized (DI) and Water Tank Exchange From A Single Tank To A Complete System


We use deionized exchange tanks to customize a system based on water quality, capacity, and flow rate. You provide  us with your needs and we recommend the optimal configuration based on your process objectives. Our DI systems eliminate chemical handling and hazardous waste production making your process reliable and safe. A quality light or conductivity instrument indicates when an exchange is required and systems are provided on a monthly rental or minimum exchange basis.



Resin Testing

Purologix has a FREE Ion Exchange ResinTesting Service on DI Tank Resin Give us as many samples as you want from your Cation, Anion and Mixed Bed DI tanks and Purologix will conduct a standard resin analysis. The Service includes a Testing Results Report as well as a short consult to explain the results and answer questions!





  • 10" to 40" length
  • 2" to 8" diameter
  • 1 micron and larger capability
  • sub micron ranges available less than 0.45 μ



  • Ozone Generators
  • Chlorine dioxide generators
  • Absolute bacteria filters
  • Distillation






Ultraviolet sterilization is a cost effective and low maintenance point of entry treatment for bacteria issues including coliform and e-coli.