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Industrial and Municipal RO

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Purologix is partnered with many of the best fabrication shops in the USA, and we provide you with direct access to the same premier factories that support the "Big Name" treatment companies. Through our partners, we are able to bring the same experienced factories to your project that you may already trust, but at a significantly reduced cost. Our factory partners have literally hundreds of years of experience designing, fabricating, and safely starting-up projects around the world. Since our people are all current or former operators of the systems and technology that we sell, this gives us a unique perspective in directing our factory partners to design systems and process that truly work. Purologix clients trust our engineered processes and leverage our small business size, Federal DBE status, comprehensive and ample insurance, experienced project and start-up team, and safety record to lower risk, save time, and money, while getting extremely personalized and professional service in the process. With our design philosophy we maintain happy owners and happy operators because the systems are robust and reliable with low operating costs. We like to build systems, relationships, client expectations, and cost effective solutions for challenging industrial water problems, and to share our knowledge with you. Call us today 1-877-265-3426!








 High Purity Lab, Food Service, and Drinking Water


Purologix Reverse Osmosis Systems are manufactured to the highest quality standards and offer customers the flexibility in order to suit almost any application. Our systems range in capacity from 24 to 500,000 gallons per day and have been designed to work with tap water (TWRO) conditions up to 2,000 ppm TDS, brackish water (BWRO) conditions that range up to 10,000 ppm TDS, and desalination (SWRO) applications to 50,000 ppm TDS.

Purologix can source turnkey RO systems for a variety of applications including process water, laboratory water, boiler feedwater, food and beverage ingredient water, semiconductor manufacture, and validated WFI or USP systems for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical process.

Purologix has factory partners in GA, FL, MN, and TX who can tackle the highest quality IQ/OQ/PQ pharma system, or the largest industrial RO feedwater project.  We can provide turnkey DBO services through our highly reputable partners and we are surprisingly competitive.  If you want the special attention that you and your project deserve, you want to save time and money, and you want custom options not readily available, Purologix is the answer!