• Clean bottleless water and ice for your office

    Better for the environment, your wallet and your employees' health
  • See, feel and taste the difference in your water at home

    Brighter laundry, healthier skin and hair, less staining, and a pure, natural taste
  • Exact water treatment solutions for any application

    Outfit your laboratory, medical or research facility with the best purification technologies
  • Distilled water filtration for your dental office

    Protect your hand tools, autoclave equipment, and eliminate the need to purchase and store distilled water

Office Water Coolers and Ice Makers

Our pure water office coolers and ice makers make fresh, purified drinking water and ice daily.  Available in free-standing and countertop options.

In-Home Water Filtration Systems

We can customize a unique
water treatment system for your home, 
solving even the most
difficult in-home water problems

High Purity Water Solutions

We make it easy to fit laboratories with the exact water treatment specifications needed for the application.

Expert Water Solutions

 We do water well.

With a wide range of water services, Purologix offers the best purification technologies combined with hassle-free installation, professional service and routine maintenance options, so having clean water is an easy decision.

Whether you need a full-home filtration system, bottleless water cooler, or extremely high purity lab water, we have the right solution for you.

Residential Water Services

Feel secure that your family always has the purest, safest water for drinking, bathing, washing and cleaning.

Commercial & Industrial Water Services

Keep your workforce healthier, your equipment protected, and your lab
work to the highest standards.

Popular Water Systems

Water Softener

Fully customizable water filtration and softening systems that remove the hard minerals, staining minerals, and reduce chlorine, taste, odor, and chloramines. 

Touchless Water Cooler Ice Machine

Water & Ice Dispenser

Touchless, state-of-the-art filtration and reverse osmosis purification systems dispensing 

both hot and cold water and ice in self-cleaning stand alone solutions.

Reverse Osmosis

Water purifying systems capable of removing GenX, PFOA/PFOS, Fluoride, Lead, Heavy Metals, and almost all contaminants while saving you from expensive 

filter replacements.

DI Water Filtration

Purify tap water into Ultrapure Water for autoclave, sterilizer, or process applications.  Reduce maintenance costs and never buy, carry, or store jugs of distilled water.

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