PurMin™ Dental Water

Purologix PurMin™ provides high-purity water in the steri-center for filling autoclaves, dental bottles, ultrasonic cleaners, and for the final-rinse cycle of instrument washers, eliminating the expense and inconvenience of purchasing and storing distilled bottled water.  Most importantly, the system features inexpensive, universal filters instead of proprietary filters like the products sold through Dental Supply Catalog Websites.  A high purity water company provides better quality systems, more expertise, and a lower prices.

Purologix PurMin Dental Water
PurMin Dental Water

Save Time, Money, Space, and Labor

Purologix will supply a PurMin™ for your dental office for a low monthly rental service fee.  We charge a one-time installation fee for our red/green water quality indicator and SCH80PVC Laboratory Deionized Water Faucet.  Our fee includes drilling any solid surface countertop for fixture installation and installing the PurMin under the laboratory sink.  Our systems are top quality, 100% Made in the USA, and feature high flow, delivery pressure, and excellent recovery rates. 

If your staff is managing your irrigation equipment and autoclaves with distilled water bottles, or worse, making distilled water with an old-school distiller, start saving money today.  Distiller maintenance cost is high, and so is the electrical energy cost.  They are also pretty nasty to clean, so no one is volunteering.  There is a better way for reliable deionized water . . . PurMin!