PuROFlex LR Laboratory Recirculator

PuROFlex Laboratory Recirculator (LR)
Wall Mounted 2-5 GPM (LRW) or Skid Mounted 5-10 GPM (LRS)

Wall Mounted 2-5 GPM (LRW)
Skid Mounted 5-10 GPM (LRS)

  • Quick delivery
  • Compact and easy to install
  • Multiple flow arrangements
  • Plug-in electrical (110V/60Hz/1Ph or 230V/60Hz/1Ph)
  • Sub-micron filter & UV included


  • Skid Mounted (Painted CS or Stainless)
  • Reverse Osmosis Feed Water System
  • Digital Quality Monitor
  • Dry Safety System (Leak Detection)
  • High Temperature Dump Valve

LR systems offer a complete package including re-pressurization pump, pre/post filtration, bacteria destruct UV, and optional on-board water quality monitor.  Standard product water flow rates from 2 to 10+ gallons per minute and offered as a wall mount or floor mount system with various options for alarms, leak detection, make-up system, temperature alarms, etc.  We customize the LR for your unique application, budget.