Introducing the Most Compact City Water RO System

   Better water means ...

Modular Flexibility

The Hans RO is designed to provide flexibility and scalability to meet your volume and demand needs.

Smart Monitoring

Never worry, the smart system is WIFI enabled with available monitoring via the HANS mobile app.

Space Saving Footprint

Fully engineered with a modernized and modular design to solve water needs in a compact footprint.

Pure Water Restaurants
Steamer and Steam Kettles

Save on maintenance of expensive steam powered equipment by eliminating hard water scale deposits.  Save energy, reduce maintenance, extend equipment life!

Pure Water for Break Room
Office Break Rooms

Employees get cleaner, better tasting water.  Eliminate lead, viruses, cysts, and PFOA/PFOS.  Extend ice maker life and coffee maker reliability with pure water!

Coffee Bars and Expensive Process Systems

High end restaurant equipment is not cheap.  It is your money maker, so protect it with the cleanest water possible.  Extend reliability with Purologix RO units!