SoLoChem™ Pure Chlorine Dioxide Generators

SoLoChem Chlorine Dioxide Generator

Biofim Meets Its Match

Finally, a safe and effective way to make Chlorine dioxide without mixing dangerous chemicals.  Our SoLoChem™ Generators will make 99.9% Pure Chlorine dioxide solution from a simple liquid salt solution, Sodium chlorite. Single chemical feed makes our systems far more safe and effective than alternatives.  Chlorine dioxide solution is made on-site and on-demand.  We do not concentrate or store the solution, and eliminate the dangers of handling liquid concentrates, or making solutions on site.  More importantly , our generators are provided under a comprehensive true lease agreement, which eliminates concerns with maintenance and repair.  We guarantee production and ensure results.  If you have a persistent biofilm issue that your existing water chemistry provider can not solve, call us and we can help.  This man-made gas is so powerful that you will save a tremendous amount of money on reduced biocide usage, as well as electrical energy for heating and cooling water.  If you want to be green and don't know how, we have some serious GREEN technology.

  • Building Water Treatment for Legionella Minimization
  • Domestic Hot Water Treatment for Legionella Minimization
  • Eliminate Microbiologically Induced Corrosion (MIC) in Plumbing Systems
  • Eliminate Biofilms in Cooling Water Systems
  • Return Lost Heat Exchange and GAIN the Trifecta:  Energy, Water, and Chemical Reduction
  • Recycle Reuse Best Available Technology - Let's Save Water