18 Meg-Ohm UltraPure Water

18Meg-Ohm Recirculating Loop

In 2017, Purologix was called to design, manufacture, deliver, and start-up a custom DI water recirculator for a client who relocated to RTP.  The water is used for a high purity manufacturing process.  We worked with the Design Engineering Firm to specify the system with input from the client about their specific needs.  The project was awarded after a competitive bidding process.  After on time delivery and start-up, an annual service agreement for all routine filter replacements, DI tank exchanges, UV bulbs, and other PM service has ensured that the system has been consistently meeting or exceeding all quality specifications.  In addition to the high purity central loop application, Purologix also provides purified drinking water to two separate break rooms and ice machines.  We provide all required filter changes and ice maker descaling and sanitization for this client.  We are a turnkey resource for all facility water needs, and can help with your project, no matter how big or how small!

Make Up and Deionized Water Recirculator

High Purity Water Loop - Electronics Specification    

  • 18+ Meg-Ohm Water
  • 15-GPM Make-Up Flow (Durham City)
  • 10-GPM Recirculating Flow with Service Deionization Exchange Tanks
  • 254-nm UV Disinfection
  • 0.2 micron Bacteria Filters for Particulate
  • Allen Bradley PLC monitors pressure, flow, temperature, and quality.
  • Audible and Visual Local Alarms
  • High Temperature Dump Valve
  • System tied to Building Automation for Remote Alarms/Monitoring