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ASTM Type 1 Polishers

Cost effective countertop polishers from Aries Filter Works.  The Phoenix Line of POU Polishers are much more cost effective than the competition.  Let us show you how much you can save on your annual OPEX

ASTM Type 1 Central Water Systems

A properly designed central water RO/DI system can eliminate the need for multiple, expensive point of use systems, provide a lower capital expenditure upfront, and also cut annual maintenance cost.  Let's Discuss!

Boiler Feed Water

Big, old, softener dying? Don't replace with a carbon copy!  Let us upgrade to a smaller, progressive flow system.  The improvement in controls that has made systems more efficient and sustainable.  Call Us! 


Want to reuse grey water?  You better have a strategy for Nitrates and Disinfection.  We have a proprietary technology that will allow you to recycle HVAC condensate, roof collection, or municipal grey water (purple water), or even tower blowdown. Go Green!

Legionella Minimization

We have proprietary technology for Legionella Minimization including filtration for your Domestic Hot Water System, as well as EPA Approved building water disinfection systems for Potable (Cold) Water.  Save energy while reducing liability.  We tell you how!


Purologix provides high quality process water for parts rinsing, production, humidification, steam generation, disinfection, or other process needs.  Our DI systems produce ultra-pure water by removing total dissolved solids (TDS) and ionized minerals.  Get SDI!

High Purity Water Systems

Purologix can help you specify, design, plan, and implement a customized water solution to meet your most demanding needs.