• Historic Pittsboro Established 1785

Fresh and Local & Balanced for Progress

Chatham County is named for William Pitt, The First Earl of Chatham, and Pittsboro is named for his son, William Pitt the Younger.  Established in 1785, Pittsboro has been the center of trade and local government since the County Courthouse was built in 1787.  Initially a Mill and Textile Center, Pittsboro is in the heart of Chatham County , one of the fastest growing counties in the State.  Current industry includes poultry, bio-fuel research, and genetics.  Pittsboro is the County seat and it is home to the Chatham County Government Complex, as well as art galleries, and antique shops.  Pittsboro is just East of Siler City, South of UNC Chapel Hill, and West of North Carolina's Capital City of Raleigh.  Pittsboro features many local restaurants and shops, and ample recreation including the Haw River, and Jordan Lake.  Residents of Pittsboro are diverse and eclectic, and feature a mix of artists, farmers, merchants, and students.  Residents embrace small town values, respect one another, and have a strong sense of community.  We enjoy working with our Chatham County customers and working with them to resolve their unique water and environmental concerns.  

Much of the water we treat is from Private Wells.  Area ground water can range from having very high TDS and mineral hardness to having very low pH and low TDS.  For this reason we always like to test on site to get accurate chemistry.  When the pH is low, the corrosive water is often combined with staining minerals like iron and manganese which becomes a difficult treatment application.  Chatham also has County Water, and some Community Well Water (ex. AquaNC) available in many neighborhoods.  This is typically local surface water from area lakes and can have high organic content and also high levels of naturally occurring manganese.  The manganese can create concerns with chloramine disinfection chemistry if there is not sufficient contact time to fully drive the reaction to convert the manganese.  Currently, the Town has been facing concerns with 1,4 Dioxane, as well as Gen-X contaminants like PFOA and PFOS that originate from head waters up in the Greater Triad Region.  Purologix has a host of world class solutions and certified products to address these unique challenges for point of entry whole house, point of use drinking water, and in extreme cases, we even have a fully certified Whole House RO which is the first residential point of entry system that is fully certified for PFOA/PFOS removal in the whole house.

Concerned about PFOA, PFOS, Gen-X, and 1,4 Dioxane?  We have Certified Solutions!

Purologix MegaFilters

Our HUGE whole house filtration cartridge tank is fully certified for PFOA/PFOS as well as Chloramine and Lead.  This is a cost effective whole house solution for people concerned about bathing and showering.

Patented 5-Stage WaterMax

After our MegaFilter, we can install our Patented 5-Stage WaterMax.  This is the most comprehensive treatment system on the market.  It features a bacteriostat layer in the bottom of the tank to prevent biofilm issues in the system and downstream. 

H-3500 RO Purification

Our best in class RO Purification system is fully certified by WQA as a Gold Seal product.  It will eliminate a whole host of drinking water concerns including pesticides, organic chemicals, lead, PFOA, PFOS, Gen-X, 1,4 Dioxane, PCBs, THM, HAA, pharmaceuticals, Legionella, bacteria, cysts, phages, and spores.  RO purified water is the gold standard for drinking water quality.