• Jordan Lake

The New Hope Project - B. Everett Jordan Lake

B. Everett Jordan Lake is a US Army Corps of Engineers man-made lake that holds approximately 14,000 acres of water with an average pool of 216 feet above mean sea level.  The New Hope Damn was constructed to control flows from the Haw River, New Hope Creek, Morgan Creek, and Little Creek to prevent flooding and improve commerce.  The US Army Corps of Engineers had surveyed the area in 1933 and identified the New Hope Valley as problematic for flooding and needing flood control.  After a devastating Hurricane in 1945, called Hurricane #9, the area and the Cape Fear River Basin downstream suffered millions of dollars in damages.  Senator B. Everett Jordan became deeply passionate about the project and ultimately secured funding for the New Hope Project in 1963.  It was completed in 1974 with the lake filled to full pool in 1982.  The lake flooded the New Hope Valley and forever changed the landscape of central North Carolina.  Many of the area roads are named for towns that now lie beneath the water, such as Pea Ridge, Friendship, Farrington, and Seaforth.  As a source for Drinking Water for over 300,000 local residents, Jordan Lake is a vital resource for the Triangle.  Since its inception, Jordan lake has suffered from run off issues causing pollution.  PFOA and PFOS are being closely monitored due to rising public awareness and concerns over these forever chemicals that are present in local waters including the Haw River.  Algae concerns in the lake have also lead to some failed attempts to clean up pollution with mechanical agitation.  Now, a pending proposal to inject chemical algacides into the lake has faced scrutiny from Environmental Groups as well as the US Army Corps of Engineers.  The lake is a vital water source serving so many in Chatham County, Wake County, Orange County, and City of Durham, as well as the Towns of Cary, Apex, Morrisville, and Holly Springs.  We are here to help local residents overcome any contamination concerns with best of class technology.