HydroClean HC-3® Water Filter, Neutralizer, or Softener

For folks who want a budget minded solution for simple applications like Neutralization, Carbon Filtration, or Softening, look no further than HydroClean HC-3.  Our HydroClean technology is a value added conventional tank design that has many beneficial features not found on typical water softeners.  This includes computer controlled operation, volume initiated or time initiated cleaning cycles, insulating fiberglass tank jacket for freeze and damage protection, built in bypass, built in sample port, loss of power protection, and counter-current brine regeneration to name a few.  Add a 10-year Factory Warranty, and the HydroClean 3 is likely the best value in a conventional tank filter/softener on the market. 

"Economical, Durable, Flexible, HydroClean"

System Specs

Tank Dimensions: Varies By Model but ~10"-20" taller than WaterMax

One (1) Treatment Tank ~ 120 lbs.

One (1) 200 Lb Brine Tank (5 bags of salt)

10-Year Limited MFG Warranty

Hydroclean Whole House Filter Softener

A Closer Look at HydroClean

HydroClean 3 Water Softener

HydroClean 3 Water Softener - Features

  1. BUILT-IN BYPASS - Allows the homeowner to easily bypass to water lawn. Essential for service sampling of raw and treated water, and invaluable for troubleshooting well problems.
  2. DUAL-MODE CONTROLLER - Control your system regeneration cycle based on time or water usage.  Additional settings for either/or logic where required.
  3. MAXIMUM RESIN BED DEPTH AND FINE MESH RESIN - Fine mesh resin has 23% more surface area and is more resistant to iron fouling.  Longer water contact with the resin means more effective softening and better salt economy.  Counter-current regeneration means unmatched efficiency in a conventional softener unit.
  4. POWER OUTAGE PROTECTION - Our system runs on a low voltage controller and only uses about $3-5 in electricity a year. This smart control allows for unmatched system efficiency, saving you hundreds of pounds of salt, hundred of gallons of water, and hundreds of kilowatts of electricity per year EVEN OVER NON-ELECTRIC WATER SYSTEMS!  The smart control holds its program settings indefinitely with a built in capacitor, even in the event of power-loss.
  5. INSULATING TANK JACKET - The tank jacket helps protect systems that use conventional fiberglass pressure vessels from accidental contact dings and reduces the risk of freezing.