WaterMax Reverse Osmosis

If you want pure water, we got you covered!  Reverse Osmosis appliances are really quite simple to understand.  Some are cheap and some are quality. Some use standard replacement filters and others use special proprietary filters that only come from a single manufacturer.  Wise money purchases a high quality system that accepts standard replacement filters.  Your quality appliance will last a long time and you will always be able to find replacement filters with ease and at a low operating cost.  Cheap systems are just that . . . cheap, until they leak on your kitchen floor.  Then they are quite expensive! You should avoid manufacturers who sell cheap systems, and also avoid manufacturers who sell proprietary systems.  Fancy and expensive RO units have specially keyed filters that are only available from a single vendor and at a very high cost.  They may even automatically shut off water production based on time, regardless of water quality, which increases your cost to make water, and can leave you without water until a service call is scheduled.  A high-quality Standard RO like our H-Series will provide long service life, top quality, and over time, it will be the cheapest RO you can buy due to the standard filters that it accepts.  If you want to get fancy, we can pair these with plug and play UV or Alkaline Filters.

"Budget Minded, Customizable, Workhorse - Solid Performance"

The H-6000 RO Purification System

  • No Electricity Required
  • 5-stages of Filtration with Standard Filter Replacements
  • Membrane Technology Reduces 96-99% of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
  • Includes NSF Approved Long-Reach Chrome Drinking Water Faucet
  • Completely Pre-Tested
  • Customizable for pH Boost, Arsenic, Deionized, etc.
  • WQA Gold Seal Certification
  • 25-Year Manufacturers Limited Warranty

"Robust, Flexible, and Fast - Our Best System"

The H-3500 RO Purification System

  • All The Same Features as the H-6000 Plus These Added Benefits
  • 12-Month Filter Life
  • Works on Low Water Pressure (~30 PSI)
  • Dispenses Water Within 5 PSI of Line Pressure
  • Fills Up RO Storage Tank Up to 5X Faster Than Standard RO
  • 300% Less Water Waste Than Standard RO
  • 2:1 Production Ratio
  • Best for Remote Location when NOT under the Kitchen Sink
  • 25-Year Manufacturers Limited Warranty

"Basic, 3-Stage - When You Are Just Starting Out"

The H-RO 3-Stage Purification System

  • Budget Friendly
  • Ease of Service - Simple 3-Stage Process
  • Universal Cartridges
  • Ease of Service
  • 6-month Filter Change Recommended for Filters #1 and #3
  • Annual RO Membrane Change Recommended for Cartridge #2
  • 2-Year Limited MFG Warranty

System Specs

Reverse Osmosis Systems are designed to fit under a standard sink cabinet.  If space is tight, we can remote locate the system in a basement, garage, or crawl space. For best performance with remote location, we recommend our H-3500 due to it's superior flow and pressure. The H-3500 will assure enough pressure for ice production as well as strong flow and pressure at dispense.