WaterMax® Signature Series - Put A Premium On Your Water!

The Signature Series is taking the patented WaterMax® to new heights in Style, Fit, and Finish.  This elegant system features all the customization and features you expect from the undisputed leader in residential water treatment and bears the signature of William R. Hague to prove it.  The Signature Series now features our Smart Touch Controller, as well as our fully integrated Salt Monitor Technology.  Our patented tank design already made WaterMax fit into tighter spaces than our competitors, but out of sight and out of mind is not always the best place for such an important household appliance that needs routine service.  However, if this beauty ends up in your crawl space, the Salt Monitor will tell you when it is time to add salt.  The Signature Series comes complete with audible and visual salt alerts and a programmable quiet time so it does not send an alert while you are sleeping.  With this modern style and excellent fit and finish, why not install this handsome system in your garage instead?  Your friends and neighbors will be impressed while they wrestle with their scuba tanks and filter housings.  Your all-in-one, complete treatment system will be giving you worry free water and tell you exactly when it is time to give it some care.  Like all WaterMax whole house point of entry conditioners, our systems feature a 25-year Manufacturers Limited Warranty; by far the strongest in the industry. 

"Your Fully Customizable Solution - WaterMax®"

System Specs

Tank Dimensions:  40" x 30" x 16"  (over 20 inches shorter than a typical tank)

One (1) Treatment Tank ~ 200 lbs.

One (1) 200 Lb Brine Tank (5 bags of salt)

Fully Customizable Treatment with up to 5 Steps

Baffled Distribution System for Even Water Flow

Single Tank for Reduced Pressure Loss

Much Higher Flow Rates than Competition

Smart Touch Control

Brine Tank with Protective Grid Plate & Safety Shut-Off

Salt Monitoring Included

25-Year Limited MFG Warranty

WQA Gold Seal Certifications

Signature Series WaterMax Filter Softener

How It Works