WaterMax® Customized Water Treatment Appliance

If you are considering a water system that features a fiberglass tank, it would be extremely unlikely that it is in any way unique.  Most water systems are assembled from loose components (tanks, media, valves) made by various manufacturers and then integrated into a "branded" product.  Since the sales company does not make the entire system, it makes for a confusing warranty.  In short, no matter how good the marketing, most of these assembled systems are virtually all the same!  Here is where we are very different.  The Hague WaterMax is fully manufactured by Hague Quality Water International.  Our patented 3-compartment design allows us to custom build very robust treatment processes in a compact footprint.  For example, our Model 3 BEQ is a 5-stage City Water Treatment Process in a single, compact tank.  For problem well water, we can create over 83 different configurations to address issues like rotten egg smells, iron stains, low pH, nitrates, sediments, and even tannins.  Our flexibility is unmatched in the industry and since we make our entire appliance, our systems feature a 25-year Manufacturers Limited Warranty; by far the strongest in the industry. 

"Compact, Powerful, Efficient, WaterMax® "

System Specs

Tank Dimensions:  38" x 30" x 15"  (over 20 inches shorter than a typical tank)

One (1) Treatment Tank ~ 200 lbs.

One (1) 200 Lb Brine Tank (5 bags of salt)

Fully Customizable Treatment with up to 5 Steps

Baffled Distribution System for Even Water Flow

Single Tank for Reduced Pressure Loss

Much Higher Flow Rates than Competition

Smart Touch Control

Brine Tank with Protective Grid Plate & Safety Shut-Off

25-Year Limited MFG Warranty

WQA Gold Seal Certifications

WaterMax Whole House Filter Softener

How It Works