Products for Radon in Water Removal

Aeration has long been considered the Best Available Technology for reducing radon in drinking water and is also an effective method for removing other contaminants. One of the reasons is that, unlike Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) removal, the gas is vented safely into the air and never accumulates.  On the contrary, GAC traps the gas which immediately begins to convert to a stable lead compound (lead-210) that can accumulate for up to 23 years.  The contaminants are also emitters, so the GAC tanks, if not properly serviced, can become a dangerous radiation source right in your home.  At Radon Water NC, we do not endorse GAC for radon removal because it is a bioaccumulator, requires frequenty and expensive monitoring and service, and is not extremely effective (see study links below).  GAC should never be installed in your crawl space right below your bedroom, or in a closet or laundry room in close proximity to people.  Solid masonry or concrete shielding is recommended.

Diffused Bubble
Spray/Diffused Bubble
Shallow Tray
Diffused Bubble

Diffused Bubble Aeration uses a proprietary four chambered tank to create extended contact time of the air and water.  Water is aggressively aerated by the forced introduction of filtered air through tiny diffusers that create fine bubbles.  This process occurs in three separate chambers before reaching the fourth pumping chamber, where it is ready for use and is pumped into the house under pressue.

When You Want The Best - Diffused Bubble Aeration Reduces up to 99+% of Radon.

433 Series

The 433 models successfully and dependably remove radon and VOCs from well water through a patented multi-stage diffused bubble aeration method. For over 20 years, they have provided the standard by witch other radon in water aeration equipment is measured.

433-S Series

The 433-S series takes the 433 to a new level. With engineering that includes an integrated internal repressurization pump, S-series models offer easy installation, a smaller footprint, and quieter operation.  Ask about the X-Series and the 1" models which feature extremely high flow rates.

Spray/Diffused Bubble

In Spray/Diffused Bubble process, water is sprayed into a chamber via a spiral spray nozzle where filtered air is forced into the water column to accomplish the first stage of aeration; then the water is again aerated by a diffusers introducing additional filtered air. The water in the tank is then ready for use.

Spray/Diffused Bubble Aeration Reduces up to 95+% of Radon.  Suitable for Radon Levels < 30,000 pCi/L.

321 & 321-S50X

The 321 models combine spray and diffused bubble aeration for the best quality and results at a value price. Developed for easy installation, they are ideal when the more powerful 433 is not required. The 321-S50X includes and integrated internal re-pressurization pump.

Shallow Tray

In the Shallow Tray method of aeration, water is sprayed into a perforated, spiraled tray chamber, while filtered air is forced from below the tray through the tray perforations, aerating the water. After thorough aeration, the water is allowed to flow into the bottom chamber of the system, where is is ready for use.

Shallow Tray Aeration Reduces up to 99+% of Radon.

3311 (Clearadon)

The 3311 fits conveniently into your crawl space, in the basement, or a utility room. Using shallow aeration, it is designed and manufactured for years of trouble-free operation.  This powerful, yet energy efficient system can provide up to 99+%  radon reduction.